Ei kovin epäselvää, vai mitä?

On väitetty, että Britannian Työväenpuolueen puheenjohtaja Jeremy Corbyn olisi jonkinlainen EU-skeptikko. Tämän puheen jälkeen väite voitaneen unohtaa:

"How to deal with climate change. How to address the overweening power of global corporations and ensure they pay fair taxes. How to tackle cyber-crime and terrorism. How to ensure we trade fairly and protect jobs and pay in an era of globalisation. How to address the causes of the huge refugee movements across the world, and how we adapt to a world where people everywhere move more frequently to live, work and retire.

All these issues are serious and pressing, and self-evidently require international co-operation. Collective international action through the European Union is clearly going to be vital to meeting these challenges. Britain will be stronger if we co-operate with our neighbours in facing them together."

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